BAIT/Akomplice Onitsuka Tiger Collab

Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:36
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onitsuka tigerWe fell in love with this shoe. So much in love that we had to toss a coin to see who would review it. Guess who won?

Yup. Yours truly. Finding a bone to pick with this amazing design was tough. So tough I didn’t succeed – the most I can do is say that the term ‘sneaker’ has always struck me as kind of off? When my granddad was young there was a kind of shoe called a brother creeper – and sneaker sounds like the same kind of deal to me. Footwear for men with dodgy habits _MG_4642-2and comb-overs is what I visualise when I hear sneaker.

Anyway, the good stuff. Anything Akomplice do is well thought out. So this version of the classic Onitsuka Tiger has a colourway that features the state flag of Colorado, using blue, gold, red and white, sturdy plaited laces and stunning insoles that feature a ski map.

It doesn’t end there. The hang-tag has the same map on it and doubles as a lift pass for the Rocky Mountain peaks.  Is _MG_4651-2that awesome or what?

Only 504 pairs of these trainers have been produced and for us outside Colorado the chances of getting a pair are remote. You can get a reservation ticket at the Diamond Bar Colorado until tomorrow but for the rest it’s a registration lottery so go and sign up and hope to get lucky – we have! The lucky ones will pay $109.99 (plus shipping) for their ‘sneakers’.

And if you’re not lucky, how about this raffish Akomplice Mingo Tee in black or mint for just $26.00? Small mingocompensation but still stylish …

Post by Mikey

United by Fate Lake Natron T-shirt

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 8:08
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united by fateVery keen on this brand, which, we understand from Hide Your Arms is the brainchild of the founder of Tee Hunter. If so, it shows.

There’s a really nice blend of skate and surf themes with a classic menswear approach which also works really well for women who like the cleaner, leaner look of a unisex tee.  So far we’re also impressed by the quality of the workmanship.

We do love pocket tees at teejunkie, and it can become a bit of a fetish to invest in pocket T-shirts, so we’re trying to resist that temptation. What we like about the United by Fate approach is the handsewn nature of the pocket, the excellent balance between a fabulously inky black T-shirt and the pop of the pink flamingo which works to lift the garment without being cutesy and the Soil Association certification which gives this environmental chops as well as street appeal.

Reduced from £27.00 to £19.99 in their autumn sale – go for it!

As told to us by a sailor …

Friday, September 6, 2013 10:23
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Moby Dick T-shirtNot really by a sailor. It was an email circulated to the teesphere by Zoltan. Here’s a fact – I have read Moby Dick. Twice. Can you say the same?

There are whole chapters in there that are massive digressions into how whales were used: candles, scrimshaw, perfume, sexy undies … weird stuff, really.

So this T-shirt from The Affair is a neat interpretation of the peculiar complexity and outright off-beatness of the book. It has all the detail of the narrative, which is bizarre but compelling, and the dark elegance of the main theme, which is about obsession and its eventual consequences, which of course, are not positive. I got a B- for my essay on Moby Dick – can you tell?

Being really picky, I’d like a slightly lighter blank than aged Navy – although that’s quite a pun for a book written in 1851 about a sailing ship ‘aged’ and ‘navy’ geddit? Oh, please yourselves. Anyway, a paler background might have been more spectacular for this T-shirt as I think some of the detail will be lost in poor light conditions such as evening light or in a murky bar, which is wear I tend to spend most of the colder months, and that’s a bit of a shame. The loss of detail I mean, not my drinking habits, but apart from that, it’s definitely a classic for the autumn wardrobe.

To make it even more attractive, you get £3.00 off the £29.95 price with the voucher code barbarous – isn’t that an inducement?

Equate (or equ8) T-shirt special offer

Monday, September 2, 2013 11:39
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Born_Equal_0801_Tee_-_BlackAbsolutely loving this Tee from new line Equate, which is ‘for people who want to stand out from the crowd, we are dedicated to remaining exclusive, stylish and above all want to create items that work as an overall look, not to just throw out lots of products that do not connect with each other. Our tagline ‘Born Equal’ encapsulates this message, that everyone has the same opportunity and the chance to be cool if you follow our style and culture. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, that’s all irrelevant, what you do in life is everything. Or in our case, if you choose to follow our movement we are always happy to have you’.

What I’m particularly loving is the sleeves on this T-shirt which are specifically designed to be rolled – there’s something about fall that always reminds me of the guys I went to high school with, who had Kools tucked into their rolled teeshirt sleeves on the first day of school, right up until some teacher saw them!

Special post-launch offer reduces these T-shirts to £20.00 – a nice way to introduce yourself to this brand.

What I did in my vacation – the Kay version

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 8:43
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treasure-trunk-mustache-shirt_largeOkay, this is the tiniest bit of a stretch, but bear with me. I just fell in love with this design – it’s a perfect fall garment.

Here’s why:

  • the soft plum color is flattering to a fading tan, which not all shades are,
  • the complex,elegant image draws the eye and offers a real bang for buck value in terms of visual interest and
  • the combed cotton is just great to wear at the turn of the season – it’s comfy enough for cold days but still cool with the V-neck for a sudden hot afternoon after a chilly start to the day.

The Fuzzy Ink back to school sale offers 25% off which makes an attractive T-shirt even more appealing to my mind! Use the code ‘school’ to get your concession price.

As for what I did on my vacation – the elephant is a clue! A couple of weeks in India has left me chilled and thrilled and ready to come back and bring you a world of exciting T-shirts. I didn’t exactly pack my stuff on the back of a pachyderm, but there was one in the local village which was very cute.

$26 for the tee, plus shipping.

What I did on my holidays – the Mikey version

Thursday, August 22, 2013 6:06
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saltrock hoodyWhat I did is encapsulated by this Men’s Smoke’em Hoody from Saltrock. Sadly, not currently available in my size, instead I’ve had to buy this in small for the lady in my life.

Anyway after a fortnight of getting my arse handed to me on a plate by said lady, I finally got the hang of this surfing lark ON THE LAST DAY!

Yes, I’m seriously pee’d off that it took thirteen days for me to master the basic skills of surfing. Okay, I had a few days off in the middle where I was incapacitated by some seafood I ate. The rum had nothing to do with it. Nothing. And to prove it, I went back for more, three nights in a row.

So we’ve just booked our autumn hols for Croyde, so I can muster up my mad board skills on day one of the next holiday.

Meantime, Saltrock is an interesting brand, set up by two South African brothers who ended up looking for surf in Penzance, found it, starting making T-shirts and found they had a pretty successful business on their hands, lost track of the reason they’d started it in the first place – to have surf time, and then re-relocated and re-discovered their surfing lifestyle in North Devon. Quite a cool story, I think.

The Saltrock style is quite hard to pin down, a mixture of retro surfing with a cooler edge, less cartoony, more caricatury (is that even a word?) but very distinctive.  We’re lovin’ it and watching the surf reports every day until we can get back …

Hoody is £17.49, which is dirt cheap imo even with postage. They also have a summer clearance sale on right now – good stuff and good prices.

The excellence of exercise in a women’s tank

Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:27
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Women_s_Ribbed_Beater_NPNP-500x500I am, it’s true, back in love with Crossfit and making some small gains. Mikey takes the mickey (see how I’ve mastered british idiom?) but he also brings me jars to open when his puny strength is exhausted – nuff said?

So this stylish typographical tank (you might call it a vest) with its message ‘No pain, no profit’ is just the kind of thing I love to wear to WOD (that’s what we call our workouts) and the smoke on black styling works perfectly for me, as I like a formidable look.

You get a better idea of the qualities of this T-shirt from the men’s image. Maybe because it’s got some arms in it to give it definition!

THE-TANK-Black-500x500GPA (General Principle Apparel) clothing is all about principles leading to action – as their about page says, Every society of human existence follows the philosophical idea of order and law. From the roughest ghetto streets, to the highest forms of government, one constant equilibrium exists throughout all human policy: Principle! What is principle might you ask? Principle is defined as a predetermined policy, or better yet a mode of action. Without action or motivation, one cannot overcome the necessary boundaries or limits that halt us in the quest for success. Without principle, one has nothing to stand on; no beliefs; no motivation; YOU HAVE NOTHING!

I’m not totally sure that’s true – do anarchists have principles? Anyway, it’s a standout tank for $23 plus postage.

Post by Kay who’s working on her power cleans …

Sutsu up to 70% off sale, one day only!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:29
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Tee8Until 8am on 31 July so grab them now – tees for £7.50 and sweatshirts for £11.25. We’d have loved one of these Formabolt Marl T-shirts, but they’ve sold out of every size except small … so if that’s your size, go for it! Organic cotton, flat rate shipping for the UK and a different but equally flat rate for worldwide means there’s no excuse not to support a brand that has the highest standards.

Sutsu have always been a go to brand for me, not just because of their skate decks but because they consistently deliver on good design with an eye to environmental soundness. Kudos to them for that.

There’s also a bunch of zipped hoodies for £14.25 and Kay’s fallen in love with one of those, for her crazy Crossfit endeavours so it’ll be interesting to see what she thinks of it when it arrives ….


Post by Mikey who is experiencing weather right now …

Uncover your arms T-shirt from Holland

Saturday, July 27, 2013 8:46
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In-plane_heren_2-280x327Double dutch and then some. Not sure what to say about this t-shirt, as I can’t make head nor tail of the website, but that’s not a problem when the T-shirts are so strong. Here’s what the site says, in case you’re more fluent than me: Het In plane T-shirt is ontworpen door kunstenaar en ontwerper Vladi Rapaport. In zijn werk combineert Vladi op een illustratieve manier alledaagse producten met een verhaal tot een bruikbaar en bijzonder eindproduct.
Really liking this In Plane T-shirt from a site which, Babelfish tells me, translates as ‘bare your arms’. 23.50 euros – very fair price for an excellent tee.
Post by Mikey who is waiting for the thunderstorm …

Lovin’ where you’re from tee by The Blonde Collective

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 6:21
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lafayette 2We really like T-shirts that celebrate where people are from, geographically, spiritually, intellectually … whatever. The bedrock identity type tee is a solid experience, nothing like the pathetic ‘I heart’ someplace utterly outside of the experience of the wearer – like I heart New York – I mean, really? How many years did you live there to form that emotion, given the vast cultural range of NY city? Give me a break!
So, the Lafayette tank from The Blonde Collective did hit the spot. Our entire joint experience of Lafayette is Kay once eating a hotdog at Lafayette Coney Island at 3am but there was definitely (I assert) a vibe to the process, including the speed with which the ‘dog arrived (like under 20 seconds), the glaring yellow light, the Detroit voices etc that stayed with me.


Mikey is happy to go along with whatever I say, mainly because he’s just spent the last twenty minutes on the office mini-rebounder with the tank on a hanger in front of him trying to bounce at exactly the right rate to get the lettering to become solid. Didn’t work, and allied to his consumption of an eight-pack of Drumstick lollipops to celebrate the royal birth (don’t ask, I don’t understand either) washed down with half a bottle of Cava (that I do understand, I drank the other half) he is now feeling very sorry for himself.
So it’s a triple-blend fabric with a nice drape – poly-cotton-rayon, designed and printed in Michigan and only $20 plus postage. We like it, even the one of us who’s struggling to hold down his stomach contents.
Post by Kay who is probably a republican … unless they call the baby Barack, or maybe Rocky, or … Clint? Clint is good …