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Friday, September 14, 2012 11:54
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Which ***king? Richard III of course. Not any other kind of ***king, even on a Friday. We have standards of conduct here, you know.

So, did you know that a body found under a carpark in Leicester has an arrow in its back, a dint (that’s olde English for dent) in its bonce (that’s slang for head) and a hunchback? Or, as the Daily Mirror brilliantly put it – a humpback? ***king Richard III was a whale?

No, he wasn’t. Sadly. That would take things to a whole new level.

But it does look like they’ve found the shifty, shoulder-loppy, possibly nephew-murdering old boy. And this T-shirt by Sneaky Studios seems like a good commemoration of the potential light and dark in any monarch, with its light sabres and its classic playing card style which is even more stylised almost into a woodcut graphic – nicely done!

So the price nearly gave me a fit, but it’s NZ dollars which converts to about £20 in real money or $33 in universal currency, so it’s not as bad as it at first looks.

As for the original Tricky Dicky, he’s gone off to a lab somewhere – probably the same one they do alien autopsies in, to have his DNA checked. Maybe he’ll turn out to be just a Richard III tribute act!

Post by Mikey who’d be a monarchist if they still went round smiting and droit de seigneuring. . .

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