Gangnam style

Thursday, November 15, 2012 8:12
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There are times when only the tackiest memes will do. I spent an hour yesterday in the queue for security at Orlando airport. Except it wasn’t a queue, it was just a mob. Not sure what the collective noun is for about a couple of hundred hot, miserable, XXL Americans – but it was getting very close to a ‘riot’ of Yanks, I can tell you that.

There were no lanes, there were no officials to check our bags, it was just a solid lump of unhappy humanity. Then, somewhere in the middle of the huddle, a little kiddie started dancing ‘gangnam style’ and it really broke the tension.

So when one tacky meme works, two must work twice as well. I was wearing my ‘42’ T-shirt from The-Affair which was honestly way too cool and clever for the situation and for the first time in my life I wish I’d had a T-shirt as uncool as this! £7.99 from Doodleman – it’s a gangnam style steal for the tyke in your life.

Post by Kay, who is glad to be back in the UK, except for the beaches, parrots, dolphins, sunshine, free coffee refills, biker dudes, helpful people, sunsets, cool t-shirts, pretzel flavored M&Ms …

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  1. Hubert Humphrey says:

    November 20th, 2012 at 3:48 am

    If ever there was a meme which had its own shark and jumping vault is is ‘Keep Calm’.  

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