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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 12:02
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We at Teejunkie have loved Snakes & Suits for a long, long time . . . and now they’re saying goodbye.

The three founders Eric, Johnny and Tony are heading in different directions and so the brand is going to dissolve back into the primordial crud or whatever . . . sadness. The five years of skate-inspired tees they brought to the world will be missed, as each vintage t-shirt slowly disintegrates into the washing machine of time.

On the other hand … wipeout sale! Yahooo!

What about this sweet snake T-shirt, on silver American Apparel blanks? Even looks Christmassy with that red banner and it’s just $10 plus postage. There are also a few hoodies left at $20 – total firesale bargain, you can’t hardly buy the blanks for that!

Post by Mikey who has post Christmas sale fever already…

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