Seriously weird T-shirt for the end of the year

Friday, December 28, 2012 8:08
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saqpsd_originalI have never heard of this brand before, and I’m sort of thinking I might be about to become some kind of sacrificial victim to an American cult of woodland weirdos but actually who cares?  Well, my mum would, but that’s about it.

So Dusty Lumber. A strange mixture of serial killer brag and fine graphic art – the Wildman (sasquatch) T-shirt, which is my pick, is perhaps the least troubling of the merchandise, while the Stawicki T-shirt is just … gruesome.

The artwork on the Wildman, lumberjack and woodland T-shirts is excellent – nicely detailed, complex images with lots of referencing, and great colour use. Some of the others though – like the grizzly, dino and frozen Eskimo, don’t work for me at all. The hoodie, which is sold out, is probably the neatest artwork of the lot, and I’d bet that’s why there are none left. It’s maybe not the first choice of apparel to wear to a family lunch gathering or church social, unless you’re some kind of wiccan or survivalist, in which case maybe it is.  Reasonably priced for American Apparel tees, and totally without any of the pretentious twaddle that so many brands use to bolster their outrageous prices, Dusty Lumber are … interesting.

Post by Mikey who is glad not to live too close to axe-wielding people …

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