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Monday, January 14, 2013 11:37
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sundanceSo, not a lot of people know about how Kay and I met. It was at a pizza house in Utah, which is pretty weird and we both attending the Sundance Film Festival which isn’t weird, it’s the main reason to go to Utah at this time of year. So we exchanged about five words and that was it. Her group moved on, my mates stayed put.

That was many years ago, and to end up working together after all that time was strange – it took about a year for us to work out that we had met in Utah at all! I’ve never been back to the Sundance, which is sad, because it’s an amazing experience and this year’s Sundance apparel, designed by Todd Oldham, has a nice edge to it, somewhere between the naffness of all event merchandise and the cuteness of old skool kids art. This thermal top is the best of the bunch, the clouds and arrows graphic works really well and the quality of the top is superb.

$36 is a pretty fair price, I’d say, for a little piece of screen memorabilia, and it it’s going to keep you warm in the snow, even better!

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