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Friday, February 8, 2013 13:43
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pouletWell, maybe not. But Monsieur Poulet (original chicken clothes, whatever that means) is running its first contest of 2013 and it’s for a Metal T-shirt. Black Metal, Heavy Metal, whatever you like, as long as you design it on a black blank you can, they say, stick two fingers in the air, crank the amp and get hairy!

The closing date is 10 February, so there’s not a whole load of time to get your design in, but if you’re a Metal-head, there’s probably a pencil sketch of a skull sprouting electric guitars lurking in your pad – you know, the one you’re going to turn into a tattoo as soon as you get some cash together. So they’ll publish the winning entry and all that jazz, or morotic death or dark wave!

Meantime to show you what Monsieur Poulet probably likes, here’s their Year of the Panda T-shirt – not exactly Cthulhu, is it? Nice shirt though, for 20 Euros, down from Euros 27.

Post by Mikey who is more of a Thrash fan really . . .

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