Thursday, February 14, 2013 6:35
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trinitas 2There are a lot of things I have never understood about Trinitas – like, if the people behind the brand are a German based collective (which sounds sort of interesting and surbversive) why are they called Nous Sommes Des Soleils? Also, when they say they hand make their T-shirts, do they mean they actually sew them up themselves? Because that would be awesome.

I like the concept of strictly limited editions of highly stylised images which are meant to bring our ideas about beauty, happiness etc into contrast with antagonising ideas. That’s cool. I also like the way they’ve (mis?)translated motif from the French (image) into motive which adds a whole new level of complexity to their mission statement, whether they intended it or not.

So for 39 Euros (shipping free) you can pick up this angular T-shirt, named stone for obvious reasons, and the interesting thing about this particular design is that the drape on the overlong T-shirt works as a foil to the sharp and uncompromising image.

Post by Mikey who knows his Bauhaus from his Funhouse …

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