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Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:16
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defender-of-the-deep-web-art-640x480We love narrative T-shirts here at teejunkie, and this one is a winner. Called Defender of the Deep it tells the story of the diver who found underwater treasure but then met his death at the beak of a peculiar beast called Owltopus which lives only to guard the treasures of an ancient lost civilisation.

Well, that’s what designbyhumans say and who am I to argue? Perhaps you see it as the lonely Owltopus about to discover its long lonely sojourn at the bottom of the sea is over, and a new friend, in the form of the intrepid diver, has appeared.

Whatever – stunning design, brilliant use of colour and the kind of T-shirt that always gets people talking. $20 is a good price, but there’s shipping on top, sadly, unless you order over $75 of goods or a massive $125 for international shipping.

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