Alternative Easter T-shirt from Barbour

Saturday, March 23, 2013 9:06
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easter egg 1Want something for Easter than isn’t an egg?

Course you do.

But then again … there’s eggs and eggs.

This is possibly the cutest Easter Egg T-shirt ever, but it requires three things I don’t have:
1.    Mad skills
2.    Sewing machine
3.    Kidlet.

barbour hareOn the other hand, looking for something quintessentially British, not egglike but Eastery and with crisp clean graphics led me to … Barbour. (Okay, it didn’t, it led Mikey to Barbour, because that’s where he heads anyway, being some kind of Mod/Emo splice but he was kind enough to share.)

This hare T-shirt is £29.95 and postage, but you’re buying it from John Lewis, which is a double whammy of quintessential Britishness and the third wham, should you need one, is that the hare is tartan, which adds a whole new dimension of cool to the deal.  I’ll tell you one other thing about this T-shirt, from personal experience. It’s beeyoutiful quality!

Post by Kay, who is feeling choconiverous… (that’s when you bite the head off a chocolate bunny)

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