Yet another (Into Darkness) movie T-shirt roundup

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 13:17
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city-on-the-edge-of-foreverWell, it’s going to be a great year for movies! Into Darkness looks awesome and we are all queued up for our cosplay attendance, but what about T-shirts for those who don’t want to do the full Spock, Kirk or Uhuru?

Top place is going to Juan Ortiz, one of our favorite designers whose rendering of The City on the Edge of Foreve episode is truly magnificent. If the profile looks familiar it’s British actress Joan Collins who starred in this episode, which aired in 1967.

It’s a highly acclaimed storyline, written by scifi genius Harlan Ellison, which treats the Butterfly Effect temporal disturbance theory as a romance – Kirk falls in love with a woman who must die if the future is to develop as it should … aaah.   Isn’t that sweet? $25 dollars gets you this beauty!

steamship enterpriseWell, many think the original series was the best, and that’s why the prequel movies have been such a hit, so what about a pre-prequel tee? This beauty from tshirtlaundry is a steampunk pre-pre-prequel to Star Trek, Steamship Enterprise – nicely rendered and a sweet homage, it also comes at the sweet prices of $18.00 plus shipping.

It may not be the most exciting T-shirt you’ll ever see, but at that price it’s a snip and it will get you a few admiring glances from the many cutout cosplayer attending in their amber command tunics and Klingon masks. What makes it great is that this is a T-shirt you can continue to wear throughout the year, which is not true for cosplay, unless you live somewhere very strange indeed!

TEE023Finally, for those who do insist on cosplay, and what’s wrong with that(?) we have a suggestion to make you drool.

The Roddenberry site has something pretty special, special enough to make it into third place in our top three – for $29.95 you get the real (imitation) long sleeved black tunic worn by James T Kirk before he became Captain. The insignia aren’t screen or discharge ink printed, they are actually apparel film heat-pressed into place. Very cool.

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