Neuromancer print – not a T-shirt but a great idea

Monday, July 1, 2013 10:02
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gibson-bday.v4.220251It’s Mikey, jacking into cyberspace to bring you this nice limited edition art print from The Affair. I remember reading Neuromancer in a more than usually paranoid period of my life, living in Tooting, where big Rastas were constantly talking about the end of days and it made total sense. Total sense.

Today … well we don’t get to plug our frontal lobes into the net, do we? Instead we still scramble for sockets in coffee shops to charge our devices. Google glass is getting close to linking us to the mainframe though … maybe Wintermute is out there, waiting for enough of us to be listening?

Anyway, 150 of these available, exceptionally fine print quality and I think it’s the kind of deal that commemorates the book just as Gibson would have wanted.

£17.90 in the UK, or $26.90 in the U S of A.

Post by Mikey who remembers it like it was yesterday. All the clocks struck thirteen … or is that a different book …?

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