The excellence of exercise in a women’s tank

Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:27
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Women_s_Ribbed_Beater_NPNP-500x500I am, it’s true, back in love with Crossfit and making some small gains. Mikey takes the mickey (see how I’ve mastered british idiom?) but he also brings me jars to open when his puny strength is exhausted – nuff said?

So this stylish typographical tank (you might call it a vest) with its message ‘No pain, no profit’ is just the kind of thing I love to wear to WOD (that’s what we call our workouts) and the smoke on black styling works perfectly for me, as I like a formidable look.

You get a better idea of the qualities of this T-shirt from the men’s image. Maybe because it’s got some arms in it to give it definition!

THE-TANK-Black-500x500GPA (General Principle Apparel) clothing is all about principles leading to action – as their about page says, Every society of human existence follows the philosophical idea of order and law. From the roughest ghetto streets, to the highest forms of government, one constant equilibrium exists throughout all human policy: Principle! What is principle might you ask? Principle is defined as a predetermined policy, or better yet a mode of action. Without action or motivation, one cannot overcome the necessary boundaries or limits that halt us in the quest for success. Without principle, one has nothing to stand on; no beliefs; no motivation; YOU HAVE NOTHING!

I’m not totally sure that’s true – do anarchists have principles? Anyway, it’s a standout tank for $23 plus postage.

Post by Kay who’s working on her power cleans …

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